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The Nagalamadaka Subramanya Vasavi Charitable Trust (NSVCT) works for the upliftment of humanity, irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion. We serve humanity by directly or indirectly covering areas like housing, education, medical care and so on.

With the above-mentioned motivations, few like-minded people took up the formation of the NSVCT. A Board of Trustees has been elected at NSVCT to carry out all activities, which are incidental and conclusive to the attainment of the areas mentioned before, without any profit motive.


Nagalamadaka BrahmaRathotsavam – 2019-20

NSVCT request the honor of your gracious presence on the auspicious occasion of “Nagalamadaka BrahmaRathotsavam’

Telugu Invite – Nagalamadaka BrahmaRathotsavam – 2019-20

nagalamadike 2019-20 telugu


Kannada Invite – Nagalamadaka BrahmaRathotsavam – 2019-20

nagalamadike 2019-20 kannada

English Invite – Nagalamadaka BrahmaRathotsavam – 2019-20

Bhramha Rathotsava English 2019-20


Kindly support all our charitable activities as our aim is to serve humanity.
Please invite, forward the invitation to all your contacts and make it a successful event.


Thank you,
Trustees & President, NSVCT


About Parusha

Nagalamadaka Temple Main Idol

“Parusha” an annual fair at Sri Nagalamadaka Subramanya Swami temple, Pavagada Taluk.

Since many years a 5-day festival (Parusha) is celebrated in Nagalamadaka in the month of Pushya, from Shuddha Panchami to Shuddha Navami. During this time a lot of devotees come to Nagalamadaka, from far and near to witness this annual celebration. The banks of the Pinakini River and the temple are adorned with lights.read more


About Lord Subramanyam


Lord Subramanyam is more popular in South India compared to other parts of India. He is known by many other names, including Senthil,Murugan, Saravaṇa, Kārttikeya (meaning ‘son of Krittika’ ), Arumugam or Shanmukha (meaning ‘one with six faces’), Kumāra (meaning ‘child or son’), Guha, Skanda (meaning ‘that which is spilled or oozed, namely seed’ in Sanskrit), Subramanya, Vēlan and Swaminatha. It is believed that Murugan never hesitates to come to the aid of a devotee when called upon in piety or distress.

read more


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